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Saturday, January 24, 2009

What a wonderful morning....

So, how was your Saturday morning? Ours was terrific. It was cold this morning (for Texas), so SGTex went gathering kindling and made a fire in the fireplace. We sat and talked, drank coffee (with brandy), and he read from The World Tribune. You know, it was really, really nice after the week we had. Yesterday was our day off too, but that was pretty busy.

The best day of the week was Inauguration Day (wasn't that great?!), made unforgettable by the arrival of My Ring (WoW!!!). Thank you, Dear Man. And the other great thing is that the new job is going well. It's so nice to be working with super people while I'm learning some new stuff, re-learning some old and forgotten stuff, which makes it all go down that much easier.

The puppy is doing great! He seems to feel that we're here to entertain him. (He's teaching us to fetch, lol). I've been wondering if he actually thinks his name really is "NoSebastian!!" Probably not... ;+)

Well, time to find my shoes and head out for PeopleStupid. I mean PetSmart.

Life is good...


Sunday, January 11, 2009

So we were in line at Starbucks yesterday....

...actually, one of two lines coming from two directions, and SGTex lets this lady pull in front of us. It was after 3:00 in the afternoon, and we hadn't had any coffee yet at all, so it was pretty nice of him to let her go ahead of us. To our surprise, when we pulled up to pay for our two white chocolate mocha grandes, the guy says, "Your coffee is paid for! The lady in front of you took care of your bill!" How nice was that?!! It tastes even better when it's free, and I have a feeling her coffee tasted pretty good to her, too!

Well, I just haveta report we had a fantastic New Year's holiday in Dallas. The King Tut exhibit is absolutely awesome. The city is beautiful, and the B&B is the nicest yet! We had a wonderful SGI Buddhist meeting in Ft. Worth (I met a lot of really nice people who made me feel very welcome), and we're hoping to do it all over again next New Year's! We actually made it out of town without any delay, in spite of the Cottonbowl traffic (wow), and all in all, it was a wonderful trip. That night sky with the buildings lit up for the holidays was amazing, and we had a 'to die for' view from the balcony off our room. The Texas hospitality of Peter and Dan made our stay very memorable.

And now we're back, and 2009 is in full swing. Tomorrow I start my new account (about which I'm kinda chicken....), but everything is pretty much under control. Well, the new puppy has us pretty much under his control, LOL! He's made himself right at home.

That's about it for now, so have a great week!


picture borrowed from Pegasus News, Blackland Coffee Royce City