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Monday, April 10, 2017

FB trolls be advised: We support compassionate interventions in Syria, even when conceived by the likes of Trump

I'm no Trump fan, but I care about the Syrian population's plight and would be ashamed if we, the USA, sat on our hands and still did nothing to retaliate against the use of gas by the Syrian government on its own people.

If you want to moan and groan about Trump "starting a war" or distracting from XYZ, then go ahead, but I won't be agreeing much with anyone who's not had word one to say about those who've lost everything and everyone, just because they had the misfortune to dwell in a country that is being systematically destroyed by the monster at the top.

You who are disgusted and wish to complain about the USA doing something to put its foot down and shake its saber at Syria's corrupt leader are entitled to your opinions, but until you've watched the news, seen the videos, been FB friended by people who live in that hellish situation, please just hold your tater when passing near my newsfeed. I beg your pardon, but—

--it appears my Irish is a bit up at the mo


Saturday, April 8, 2017

Just fell into 'a day late...'

...and a dollar short, as they say.  The 7th was the anniversary of my Mama's death back in 2000 and this meme states her attitude in a great way.  She truly had it down, being grateful along the way.  ;)

Me?  Still working on that.