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Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's time for the Féile Moingfhinne....

"If I don't see you when the bonfires are burning, burning
If I don't see you when we're singing the Gloriana tune
If I've got to see you when it's raining deep inside the forest
I got to see you at the waning of the moon
Oh, won't you come on back?
Want you to be of good cheer
Come back home on the Celtic New Year"

Van Morrison, Celtic New Year

We love that song and it was included in our wedding playlist.

Yes, we're honeymooners, looking forward to reorganizing and packing away the wedding paraphanalia (love that word) and moving from the lighter into the darker half of our year.

These days, bonfires, music, dancing and harvest celebrations mark a time of readiness for the coming winter. Some ancient customs still live on, two of the most charming mentioned at Wikipedia: "....apples were peeled, the peel tossed over the shoulder, and its shape examined to see if it formed the first letter of the future spouse's name. Nuts were roasted on the hearth and their movements interpreted - if the nuts stayed together, so would the couple."

Whatever you do to celebrate this season, may your days and nights all be peaceful and prosperous.

Ar mian leat a Samhna is beannaithe!

Shawn & SGTex
photo courtesy of: lordfett.com/myspace/samhain

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

Just moments into our wedding day....

And lo, I'm blogging. What??

In spite of what the PC calendar/time says, it is, for all intents and purposes 10/23/10....
Okay, for you who think I'm nuts to be blogging less than 12 hours before the wedding-- consider this: It's either pack stuff in the car, or sit at the computer and keep Mister company while he winds up a project....

Yes, in 12 hours it will, for the most part, be said and done. There should be bubbles rising "Higher and Higher" to the sounds of Jackie Wilson.

Weather is iffy. For the first time in years, the weather gods have decided to keep us guessing, but right now there's a gorgeous full moon, which will turn into a new moon at the rightest of times.

It's been an eventful time, filled with all the feeling that can be packed into a long journey toward a most momentous occasion.


Shawn & SGTex


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You've got to be bored out of your minds by now, but by the time you read this.....

....everything should be pretty much all wrapped up, pulled together and be easily construed as "wedding ready." (Yes, I said "should," and "pretty much," lol)

Actually, I'm officially off work now for the next week+, and just knowing that there's more than a couple of hours available to me to dedicate to this undertaking is a comfort. And so what did I immediately do, knowing that? Went in the bedroom and collapsed, konked out, napped. Yes. You can ask my Mister how often that happens. (Practically never). It sure felt good!

I know the whole world cannot possibly be interested in our wedding stuff, and those of you who have gotten this far following or dropping by to read all about it for however long it's been, well, you should get some sort of credit for having done so. Here: Thankyouverymuch!!! Our readership has grown by leaps and bounds for some reason (64 countries), and that's fun. Soon, there will hopefully be something else about which to blog. The bears will be hibernating, so that gives you all a bear break, too. (I do wish Lily and Hope would settle down and hole up for the winter....)

Sooo, the first of our company has arrived and we're looking forward to dinner with them, to kick off the celebration. There are blue skies forecast on Our Day (we are grateful for that), and it does actually look like we should be on The Learning Channel programming for hoarding wedding items, at our house. If you haven't been invited to drop by for a visit, it's not that we're antisocial (yeah, yeah, M), it's that there is absolutely No Place To Sit Down, unless it's at our computer armoires, LOL. Every surface seems to be covered with phfoo phfoo items. It looks like Martha Stewart dot com on crack.

No kidding.

See you after it's all over.......


Friday, October 15, 2010

The last weekend before The Weekend....

.....and there is so much to do! Just finished talking to the caterer/event planner at the hotel, so the reception is finalized, no more decisions to be made about that. I can X that off the list!!
I've always admired pictures like this one here, with the bride looking so bride-like and demure, somewhat detached and garbed in such loveliness. It must be that she's the type who was able to delegate...which means she must have had a delegation of maids and family members to do her bidding. The groom, no doubt, didn't involve himself in much but the typical groomly, traditional things. Someone else dealt with the business-end of the wedding, right?

Not so, here :+).
Before things get really, really hectic, please, with 7 days to go....
Let me just take this opportunity to publicly give thanks:
1. For My Groom, who is very, very groomly, and has gone way over and above to do my bidding. He's been the Idea Man, Mr. Cake, Mr. Ceremony, Mr. Music, Mr. Gitterdone, and Gitterdone with a smile (for the most part). Even when things have been less than perfect, and even when I have exhibited more of the zilla than I have bride.... Thank you. I will always love you for being you. Truly, madly, deeply.....
2. For My Groom's son, Adam, who is going to see to it that our music makes music, indeed. He's going to take a chunk out of his weekend to be there for his Dad, and for me, and we appreciate that so very much. He's going to see about our Sasha while we're away, and says he'll give our hanging baskets a drink. We're terribly glad about Adam.
3. For Shawna, our officiant, who will officiate this wedding and be the calming influence when we're needing a calming influence. It turns out that she's just the ticket, and we appreciate her so very much.
4. For both Robert and Adam, who will give some very special readings at the ceremony. Thank you for making our day even more special. We appreciate it very much.
5. For our Near and Dear who are coming from far and wide to be here on our Big Day and bless us with their company. We appreciate your attendance and look forward to our visit with you. (I must mention that there really are no words to describe how special it is that my family is coming--you know who you are. Thank you.)
6. Honorable Mention must be made about the Family Patriarch, Boyd. He's coming in spite of the delays and calendar adjustments and happenings in his life that might have prevented him, were he less heroic than he is. Thank you, Boyd.
7. For Kimberly and Tara, who were so kind and sweet to offer to do some making and baking of good things. Thank you both for being so wonderful, for giving of your time and talent to enhance our reception.
8. For those who've been so kind as to send us your love and good wishes across the miles. Your words, your prayers, your gifts and the thought of you all are such a blessing....
We thank you!!
Shawn & Noel

Monday, October 11, 2010

Only one more Monday to go....

....before that particular weekend. :+) Frankly, to tell you the truth (can you say all of that in the same sentence?), I'll be really happy to have reached 2 Mondays from now. We'll be on our honeymoon by then, won't we?....Yeah.

So, what's new? Well, this is, for all intents and purposes, Columbus Day. I'm not too impressed with this holiday, (not a big fan of Columbus and the way he supposedly handled things) and the only significant thing that ever happened to me on this holiday was when I was living in Ireland down country from Dublin, needed to go to the American Embassy, made the long trip up to the city with my friends, only to find out that the embassy was closed-- for Columbus Day. (Eyeroll) Perhaps I told this story before on this blog in the past. I guess it still irritates me....just kidding. I was pretty amazed by that. We did, however, go see the doors of Dublin, shopped and went to St. Stephen's Green and saw the swans. Somewhere I have a cute picture of a little boy toddler feeding a swan (not always a safe thing to do). It's really a great shot.

But I digress. Back to the USA, Republic of Texas, and today....It's actually gorgeous outside. Warm and breezy, the neighborhood is rather quiet for some reason. Well, it usually is, but today it was just peaceful sitting outside on the front porch and chatting. SGTex remembered some little cookies that had been tucked away in the freezer for our wedding reception, so he went in to get them out and show me-- I'd forgotten about them, lol. Yum. Raspberry. My favorite. This evening it's going to be some pecan-shelling for our nutcups and popcorn picnic (we make some killer sweetened/spiced pecans from our very own trees).

We've been to the park and tested the electricity, decided where to hang the pompoms, we think, and have spotted where to gather fresh mistletoe to lay around the wedding cake. Did we tell you the cake is absolutely going to be gorgeous?

Oh yeah, and the missing package, evidently delivered to oh, Mars, perhaps...that issue was resolved. Replaced. And the UPS guy came to the door and had SGTex SIGN a statement swearing we hadn't received the package, scratched his head and claimed, "I coulda sworn I left a package here...hmmm.....duhh....." LOL!! I tell you, there's a certain company in California who will have my business forever. They sent a replacement without so much as asking a "How come?" I was totally impressed. And SGTex tells me it was Fed Ex in the movie "Castaway." Glad I got that straightened out, lol.

We're getting our stuff together for the wedding and trip. Good times filled with music and reminiscences....CD-burning and hand-holding. Less than good times, finding out that some guests aren't able to come and be with us, for whatever reasons. Some legit, some perhaps not, lol.....which creates a situation for comforting hugs and more hand-holding. Weddings are evidently like that. There have been some unforgettable moments along the way to our Big Day. Like I said, weddings are evidently like that. :+)

So, obviously this was just a rambling blog post with nothing really profound to be said.

Hope your week (and ours) is just the best yet.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Quick, look at the bears before they hide away....

Hope has gotten to be quite the beautiful bear....

And here's Lily, with a bit of dirt on her nose from digging.
They haven't yet revealed quite where they'll be spending the long winter, so we're still waiting on that to unfold.
Just had to share some sweet bear faces before they actually tuck themselves away ;+)...
photos courtesy of: Lily the Black Bear page on Facebook

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could only.....

I think we manage some on the list better than others. How about you? :+)

It surprised me when I glanced up at the calendar on the wall next to my desk and saw that it was already Thursday. I think I'm still getting over the shock of seeing that it's actually October, LOL!! That means there aren't even 3 weeks left until our wedding weekend...O.M.G.
Okay, let me just set the paper bag I've been breathing into aside and see if I can collect the last few thoughts I might have left for this day.....
I've been mad about the rhino situation in Africa-- the poaching must stop! See about it here, and do whatever you can. Pass it on, be informed and inform others, please:
Obviously, it's not just black bears which interest me, is it? I'm sorry to have to be sad, but someone has to put the word out and speak up against evil and cruelty. I don't want to find that when Mother Earth lets us know that enough is more than enough, I hadn't bothered to try to help!
Lately the news in the US has been focused on bullying, and young kids committing suicide because they cannot bear to endure one more day. That makes me sad, too. I saw a related story from the UK, too, so I know it's not just something we face here in the USA.

Something that I've been coming to is a sense of not just being part of my particular state and country, but realizing that I'm a member of the bigger, more global community. I guess that's what happens when one communicates with people all over this planet.
I find that to be awesome.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

She's got a ticket to ride....

Hmmm....What to blog about this evening? It's been a busy Sunday, and we got about half of what we had planned for the day underway, and pretty much completed. That might have something to do with the fact that we didn't actually "rise and shine" until afternoon.... :+). Both of us are sitting at our desks with some pretty strong coffee before us, and it's about time to knock it off for the night, lol. He's actually working. I mentioned that I might see about working, but never quite made that particular connection. Watched a video, surfed the I'net, and sat here trying to remember *where did I put the silver heart stickers* that I ordered?!?! So far, nothing's coming to me. I tell ya, there have been several little items during this "journey to the wedding day" that have created some mind boggling. I actually used to be somewhat organized. That isn't the case any more, obviously, lol. More like well on the way to scrambled shambles status...sigh....

It's actually cooled off, into the realm of 50 degrees! Windows open, but I'm kinda shivering and am going to be pulling the comforter up past our feet tonight. That's pleasant, though. Last night we stepped outside and the crickets were singing like crazy-- I absolutely love that sound. Something you don't hear after dark in the Pacific Northwest. Texas is great.

We spent much of the day getting the groom's cake brandied and boxed. It is So. Very. Good. Mr. SGTex is quite the consummate chef and baker..... I think everyone will be glad they got to take some of that home with them after the wedding :+P. Private recipe....

So, that's about all I have to say. Less than 3 weeks to go, and so much to do. This past week has been the ultimate roller coaster ride, to tell you the truth!

Oh, wait, here's something:

I'm not into corporate bashing-- well, unless it's BP Oil, but~ United Parcel Service claims they delivered something Very Important to the wedding on September 29, at 5:20 p.m. to our front door. The Internet site offers "proof of delivery" (don't believe that for a minute--that is not so....) and lemme tellya, if they don't come up with some answers (and the package) tomorrow, we're setting the cat amongst the pigeons. OMG......

Hmm, wasn't it UPS that left Tom Hanks on a deserted island in "Castaway?" Well, then, thereya go.

I'll try and blog about the outcome of this little fiasco, and let the world know, lol. Speaking of world, we're waving hello at 58 countries now.

My goodness!