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Friday, October 15, 2010

The last weekend before The Weekend....

.....and there is so much to do! Just finished talking to the caterer/event planner at the hotel, so the reception is finalized, no more decisions to be made about that. I can X that off the list!!
I've always admired pictures like this one here, with the bride looking so bride-like and demure, somewhat detached and garbed in such loveliness. It must be that she's the type who was able to delegate...which means she must have had a delegation of maids and family members to do her bidding. The groom, no doubt, didn't involve himself in much but the typical groomly, traditional things. Someone else dealt with the business-end of the wedding, right?

Not so, here :+).
Before things get really, really hectic, please, with 7 days to go....
Let me just take this opportunity to publicly give thanks:
1. For My Groom, who is very, very groomly, and has gone way over and above to do my bidding. He's been the Idea Man, Mr. Cake, Mr. Ceremony, Mr. Music, Mr. Gitterdone, and Gitterdone with a smile (for the most part). Even when things have been less than perfect, and even when I have exhibited more of the zilla than I have bride.... Thank you. I will always love you for being you. Truly, madly, deeply.....
2. For My Groom's son, Adam, who is going to see to it that our music makes music, indeed. He's going to take a chunk out of his weekend to be there for his Dad, and for me, and we appreciate that so very much. He's going to see about our Sasha while we're away, and says he'll give our hanging baskets a drink. We're terribly glad about Adam.
3. For Shawna, our officiant, who will officiate this wedding and be the calming influence when we're needing a calming influence. It turns out that she's just the ticket, and we appreciate her so very much.
4. For both Robert and Adam, who will give some very special readings at the ceremony. Thank you for making our day even more special. We appreciate it very much.
5. For our Near and Dear who are coming from far and wide to be here on our Big Day and bless us with their company. We appreciate your attendance and look forward to our visit with you. (I must mention that there really are no words to describe how special it is that my family is coming--you know who you are. Thank you.)
6. Honorable Mention must be made about the Family Patriarch, Boyd. He's coming in spite of the delays and calendar adjustments and happenings in his life that might have prevented him, were he less heroic than he is. Thank you, Boyd.
7. For Kimberly and Tara, who were so kind and sweet to offer to do some making and baking of good things. Thank you both for being so wonderful, for giving of your time and talent to enhance our reception.
8. For those who've been so kind as to send us your love and good wishes across the miles. Your words, your prayers, your gifts and the thought of you all are such a blessing....
We thank you!!
Shawn & Noel

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