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Monday, October 11, 2010

Only one more Monday to go....

....before that particular weekend. :+) Frankly, to tell you the truth (can you say all of that in the same sentence?), I'll be really happy to have reached 2 Mondays from now. We'll be on our honeymoon by then, won't we?....Yeah.

So, what's new? Well, this is, for all intents and purposes, Columbus Day. I'm not too impressed with this holiday, (not a big fan of Columbus and the way he supposedly handled things) and the only significant thing that ever happened to me on this holiday was when I was living in Ireland down country from Dublin, needed to go to the American Embassy, made the long trip up to the city with my friends, only to find out that the embassy was closed-- for Columbus Day. (Eyeroll) Perhaps I told this story before on this blog in the past. I guess it still irritates me....just kidding. I was pretty amazed by that. We did, however, go see the doors of Dublin, shopped and went to St. Stephen's Green and saw the swans. Somewhere I have a cute picture of a little boy toddler feeding a swan (not always a safe thing to do). It's really a great shot.

But I digress. Back to the USA, Republic of Texas, and today....It's actually gorgeous outside. Warm and breezy, the neighborhood is rather quiet for some reason. Well, it usually is, but today it was just peaceful sitting outside on the front porch and chatting. SGTex remembered some little cookies that had been tucked away in the freezer for our wedding reception, so he went in to get them out and show me-- I'd forgotten about them, lol. Yum. Raspberry. My favorite. This evening it's going to be some pecan-shelling for our nutcups and popcorn picnic (we make some killer sweetened/spiced pecans from our very own trees).

We've been to the park and tested the electricity, decided where to hang the pompoms, we think, and have spotted where to gather fresh mistletoe to lay around the wedding cake. Did we tell you the cake is absolutely going to be gorgeous?

Oh yeah, and the missing package, evidently delivered to oh, Mars, perhaps...that issue was resolved. Replaced. And the UPS guy came to the door and had SGTex SIGN a statement swearing we hadn't received the package, scratched his head and claimed, "I coulda sworn I left a package here...hmmm.....duhh....." LOL!! I tell you, there's a certain company in California who will have my business forever. They sent a replacement without so much as asking a "How come?" I was totally impressed. And SGTex tells me it was Fed Ex in the movie "Castaway." Glad I got that straightened out, lol.

We're getting our stuff together for the wedding and trip. Good times filled with music and reminiscences....CD-burning and hand-holding. Less than good times, finding out that some guests aren't able to come and be with us, for whatever reasons. Some legit, some perhaps not, lol.....which creates a situation for comforting hugs and more hand-holding. Weddings are evidently like that. There have been some unforgettable moments along the way to our Big Day. Like I said, weddings are evidently like that. :+)

So, obviously this was just a rambling blog post with nothing really profound to be said.

Hope your week (and ours) is just the best yet.


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