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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Monday, January 12, 2015

And so, then I said...

... I'm not so dismal in my outlook. Solar power and wind power with adaptation for improvement. Make it safe. Quit the strip mining and deforestation of the planet. Every school child in America every year needs to plant a tree or contribute to a tree being planted where it's needed on the planet. Everywhere, anywhere. Streams and rivers need to be cleaned up and the oceans need to be rid of the plastics and garbage. Japan needs to do something with the mess it's perpetrating on the oceans and the planet or it's Hiroshima all over again (maybe self induced, if they're not careful). China needs to get with it regarding pollution. Quit burning and bulldozing the rain forests. Stop use of palm oil and the destruction of environment and wildlife. Start saving life and stop killing it off. A garden on empty lots and a front porch on every house-- Americana. Put homeless in vacant homes. Make work-week schedule changes to lessen commute wear and tear on air and infrastructure. Legalize marijuana/stop destruction of illegal growers in our national parks/forests and clean that up. Strengthen our borders for the right reasons and take care of the immigration issues. Get rid of the dead weight and their lobbyists in Congress and start fresh with a no-party system, with everybody voting on issues rather than candidates. Stuff like that needs to happen.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year...

...to all who pass by here.

I ran on to this picture and couldn't resist sharing it here, what with the colors and mood evoked by the beautiful bird peacefully contemplating its future and all the possibilities.

Or is it just me?



borrowed from Evolver Social Movement, Facebook
photo credit:  Imgfave