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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It's Thanksgiving Eve in America and...

... I was about to post the "May none of your real feelings slip out at Thanksgiving Dinner" meme here, but will save it.  Maybe next year.

Pretty Autumn leaves are quite nice and will do.

Oh, I'm thankful enough for the usual things, like most Americans.  This year, however, my mood is a little less buoyant and I'm not so apt to go on and on about all the good stuff in my life.  I could, but I guess I'm not going to right now.

The good stuff is there, and I'm not complaining.  There's been just enough difficulty and discouragement for a long enough time to wear me down and take the edge off, if you know what I mean.

Sorry.  No Pollyanna today.

Perhaps this should be a "for what am I grateful in spite of all the hellacious stress and bewilderment I've endured, for crying out loud" sort of post.  It's not.

I'm well aware that some people have it really truly bad and don't complain, even in the worst of times and have endured (gods, I hate that word) way more than I have, truth be told.

Far be it from me to point out how crappy some people treat others and the manipulative bullshit some of us endure from time to time.  And it would be totally inappropriate to mention that the comments and criticisms from the bigots and slanderers are becoming less and less welcome in the lives of those who frankly are above all that, tyvm.

Anyway, my mood is mixed and I'm in a sort of "between" place these days.  Not unusual, for the modern Pagan, which I am.  Those between places are exactly where we're meant to be, right over there, between the negative and positive paths that meander off into that vagueness, around the bend.
I'm going to sit right down on this imaginary rock and think about what might come next.  I might just get out my Good Stuff List and read it over.  Maybe I'll even add to it before I tuck it away until next year.

If I don't toss it.

Happy Thanksgiving, America.

Season's Greetings, rest of the world.

PS.  (Dec 4, 2014)  Serves me right for being cranky when I blogged this bit.  We ended up having what I'd call *The Best Thanksgiving Ever* this year.  Cheers!