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Sunday, October 30, 2016

By the way...

Tis the season of Samhain...

... and there's so much I could say.

This little goblin makes me smile.

Gods know we need to lighten up, what with politics here in the USA.  We voted early for Hillary and will hope for the best.  The Standing Rock Sioux and pipeline vs water issues is big, or it ought to be.

I find myself looking at people who seem to never have issue-oriented Facebook posts and wonder what is wrong with them.  Haha!  It's more like what's wrong with me! Why aren't they worried? Why don't they have something to say about anything other than their frivolities?  How come they yada yada yada, anyway?  Maybe. truth be told, these friends are a bit ahead of me and know that it's not a bad thing, keeping it light... Hmmm.

This little goblin makes me smile.

There are such sadnessses and sins committed against the planet and lack of gratitude for her Gaia gifts to us.  What can I do, but spread the word about the needs and concerns as best as I can and be grateful for my husband who shares in my caring and works hard to make good money so we can give some monetary help to our favorite causes.  (Thanks again, Mister)

Then encouragement comes when I see that a petition did its job to make a change for the good.  Or how about the anti-poaching statistics as to how many animals have been spared, or video clips of happy bears or elephants adjusting to a peaceful life of leisure?  The high anxiety felt as we wait for  elephants or bears in India or Asia to be rescued in the night and trucked away to safety causes me to check for good news every time I wake up and wonder how far along the road to freedom have they come?  Are they home yet?  Reading about Chinese people rescuing stolen and stray dogs from the doom of the dog meat trade makes me grateful for changing hearts and steps forward to enlightenment.  The ongoing protest at Taiji teaches patience and persistence and gratitude for the heroic efforts on behalf of the dolphins.  Countries making decisions to respect as sentient beings and giving rights to animals is wonderful.

This is the stuff that fills my heart and my head most of the time, and when I'm behaving myself and having the right attitude, minding my own business, I'm grateful for some of the less serious-minded of my peeps and their frivolities and will. of course, wish to share in the fun:

This little goblin makes me smile.

Happy Samhain!


Thursday, October 20, 2016

What I said today to someone in Africa who is concerned about America....

It'd be nice if you all paid as much attention to your own problems and corrected what is needed, rather than get caught up in the hype and garbage that the fringe element (weirdos) trot out here in the USA. Ron Paul and his kind aren't respected as much as they'd like--for good reason. Assange is a pot-stirrer who doesn't serve anyone but himself. An attention whore, if you will. 

You people really need to take care of your own problems, as do we. If we can manage that, rather than finger point and eyeroll at what's happening in places we don't call home, we'll be better caretakers of the planet. 

Evolve, dammit!!


Saturday, October 8, 2016

What I said a year ago today...

I'd really appreciate it if the deer in Texas could refrain from hurtling themselves at my husband's car when he's driving the 90 miles home after working a 12+ hour shift all night.

He's not particularly interested in being one of his own patients, and we were just fine with the car the way it was, tyvm.

And now to process the near catastrophe.

(He came stalking in the house all handsome in his scrubs without so much as a mustache hair out of place.)

The car, otoh....

Now:  Different new car.  Same mustache.



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