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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Just dropping by...

.... to share this word of advice.

Especially to me.

Wouldn't it be a different world if we made an effort to value the feelings of others?

Just imagine.



Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's hard to stay positive when....

....I know that bad things are happening on the planet.

Japan.  Well, my goddess, what can I say about Japan?  Isn't it strange that a tsunami that wiped out so much of their property and people and the earthquake that has devastated them (not to mention the Fukushima fiasco and ruination of the ocean that is coming) hasn't convinced them to stop torturing and murdering dolphins at Taiji Cove year after year?

I find it totally dismaying that human beings are deliberately cruel and stupid at times.  It bothers me that various bears suffer mistreatment because of human greed and maliciousness.

I'm disgusted and angered when I know that the Orca population is greatly diminished and family pods are broken and babies are separated from their parents and those held captive are living in torment and oppression because we as human beings feel the need to be "entertained" and organizations like Sea World try to pass off their mistreatment and greedy practices as "educational" endeavors.

And what is Russia doing putting captive Orcas on display for the Olympics?  Not going to be watching that...

I'm overwhelmed with sadness.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'm pretty sure....

...that it's not just me.

Have you ever made plans for something and been really looking forward to "it," only for those plans to fall by the wayside because what was on the other end of the plan-making fell through?  Or, maybe I could make that "WHO" was on the other end..yada yada.  

I dunno, but I do find it, shall I say, "unfortunate" to have that happen.  It makes me discouraged and dismayed that I can look forward to some event or process and be enthused (there's an old word) about it, and then have it go all to bits.

For example:  

Our wedding was supposed to be at the park, outdoors.  Big storm.  It all turned out all right, because we had a reception venue, so we combined it all and people got a little surprise prelude to their cake and music.

A holiday get-together road trip.  Fell apart because the person on the other end flaked out.  Still a bit ticked off about that.

Date for me to make the move to Texas:  Multiple postponements.  We're both still a bit ticked about that.  I'm here now, though, and we had a wonderful road trip.

Job stuff:  Crapola.  People being hind-ends of horses.  What to do?!  Pick up and try again.  And again.

Other stuff:  People don't follow through, say what they mean and life has hairpin curves and U-turns, etc.

Last night I was griping and SGTex suggested I look on the bright side and see the positive.  That's what I'm going to do after I get over my little rant-fest.  I know I can't be the only one who feels this way.  

Generally, I put on a pretty good Pollyanna-ish attitude face and act like everything is just fine.  I'm famous for the "Just fine" answer when asked, "How are you, Shawnie?"  People don't much ask any more.  Except SGTex.  He asks.  

And thanks ever so much, Goddess, for that.


Monday, January 6, 2014

It's cold here in America....

....and this came down my Facebook newsfeed.  We here in our part of Texas aren't having these kind of issues right now, but we have in the past, and we surely will again.

So, give thanks!!

See you later....


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's here....

...and we're pretty excited about it!!

Best wishes from Us