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Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's hard to stay positive when....

....I know that bad things are happening on the planet.

Japan.  Well, my goddess, what can I say about Japan?  Isn't it strange that a tsunami that wiped out so much of their property and people and the earthquake that has devastated them (not to mention the Fukushima fiasco and ruination of the ocean that is coming) hasn't convinced them to stop torturing and murdering dolphins at Taiji Cove year after year?

I find it totally dismaying that human beings are deliberately cruel and stupid at times.  It bothers me that various bears suffer mistreatment because of human greed and maliciousness.

I'm disgusted and angered when I know that the Orca population is greatly diminished and family pods are broken and babies are separated from their parents and those held captive are living in torment and oppression because we as human beings feel the need to be "entertained" and organizations like Sea World try to pass off their mistreatment and greedy practices as "educational" endeavors.

And what is Russia doing putting captive Orcas on display for the Olympics?  Not going to be watching that...

I'm overwhelmed with sadness.


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