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Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday, September 21, 2015

Saturday, September 5, 2015

It was about now....

...only 7 years ago that we rolled across the Texas border and I was on my way home to stay.

I remember the absolute awesomeness of seeing that flat, flat, FLAT vastness.  The bright blue sky that went all the way to the ground (one of my sayings about what I knew I'd never get over about the sky not being hidden by 100 foot Doug Firs and mountains), and the big ranch gates and threads of roads heading off into the distance, ending at what appeared to be tiny homes but were actually impressive ranch homes and all those cute little cows...  I was so excited to finally be here that I cried like a baby.

Before too long we pulled into Amarillo and had dinner and then drove until it was dark and the sky was lit up with countless stars, and after awhile it was Abilene, and we were home.  Finally.  It had been the Adventure of a Lifetime, the Big Road Trip and finally leaving the Pacific Northwest for who knows how long....

I didn't know what was ahead of me, really.  We had a blast shacking up in our cute little apartment and then moved to our cute little house.  Ups and downs, ins and outs, goods and bads, it's been an endurance contest and I'm not sure who's winning sometimes, lol.  To go from that (the Great Pacific Northwest) to this (The Great Republic of Texas) has been the worst and most wonderful thing to ever happen to my nerves (I remember saying that back in high school:  "Nuherves.....")  I had 'em.

Do you know what?  He, my Heathen Lover, has been better at this than I have been.  He didn't send me back when he (and I, boyhowdy), knew that some of his wish he would.  Did I say "Boyhowdy?"  OMG.  But he has a cousin and a brother who've been quite nice and I hope they like me.  I sure like them.  His best friend Larry, who has crossed the River Styx, bless his heart, was so kind to me.  He was terrific, when I was obviously a little bit ragged around the edges and he must've figured how homesick I was, and would ask me how I liked things and was it different and what did I miss about Washington....  Yes, we miss Larry.

Anyway, SGTex is off 2+ hours away working hard and I'm here in the little Love Shack thinking about stuff.  Sebastian and Seamus, the little Havanese Darlings are here and keeping me company and I have coffee and am going to be fine, probably.

I'm just a little bit more emotional about looking back and realizing how far away The Old Life is, and am glad I'm here in The New Life with my Man.  He's been very patient and is every bit the good Native Texan he told me he'd be when he hooked up with me, despite what he kindly calls my "mystique."  He told me I had a helluvalotta that.


It's good to be Home Sweet Home here in Texas.  Really and truly.

Thanks for having me.