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Friday, March 11, 2016

When did March get here, anyway?

I don't know how that happened!

Usually, I'm more mindful of time and the weeks going by and have tried to keep up with the blog.  I guess I'm aware that this has been something I thought would be fun and useful to keep as a journal of sorts.  I kinda think I did that with more than a few things back in the days when I was aiming for Texas.  Anyway, there are times when anything I might say would be too little to be truthful or too much for eyes other than mine.  IOW, a sort of 'spit and polish' situation, so to speak.  Fish or cut bait?  No, that's not it.  Shine up or shut up?  Yeah, maybe....

As I was saying, people don't need or want to read about the down days or wishful thinking words of a not yet desperate housewife who has moments of drama queenishness.  Just from time to time.

In reality, it's nice having SGTex working in the same town as our home.  Long hours but lacking outrageous commute times make life better.  I'm getting over an illness of several months that made me very hard to live with, so I look forward to something more normal in my activity level, but the thought of getting to that point is very intimidating, truth be told.  Funny how the least little thing can appear huge and frightening--kinda like those horrific gargoyles that are merely door knockers.  All I have to do is grab it by the nose and give it a good rap or two, but...

I suspect this post has been a mess, so please just drop by again soon and hopefully I'll be properly caffeinated and more grateful.



P.S.  Continue to ignore Trump and his followers.  Even the Republicans don't know what to do with him and his weirdness.  Should he win (gods forbid), SGTex and I will be packing up the Havanese and searching for a new home away from here, so please leave the light on, world.

Heh heh