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Thursday, September 24, 2009

"The calla lilies are in bloom again... (sigh)..." Who was it that said that?

It was a black and white movie from long ago, and that was said by some sultry actress as she drooped across the room...I can barely remember.

Calla lilies...I love them, always have. These are the last of the florals to be ordered for our upcoming wedding celebration, and I've been waiting for them to "come in" so they could be crossed off that list. There are so many things to do, so many loose ends to pull together. On Monday we're going to meet the person we hope to preside over the ceremony (thanks for the recommendation, Brian), so we're really excited about that.

Anyway, that all being said, what's really important is putting the work into ourselves. Gathering the loose ends, weaving together what constitutes real happiness, ya know what I mean? That's what really matters. I'm going to be working on that....

PS. SGTex says that's from "Stage Door," and it was Kate Hepburn, of course... ;+)

Shawn (test driving her new PC- thanks, Honey)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Texas Sunday evening....

It's been good to be home. We had a wonderful vacation and actually drove past this Texas Grill sign on our way to the first B&B where we were staying. That was an absolutely wonderful time, by the way!! (Thanks, D&D, for being splendid hosts and for everything you did for us! We have plans on returning next year...) We had a great time out in the countryside for a bit, then went to another B&B, totally different- in town, artsy/crafty hippie funk. That was fun, too.

SGTex is out back fixing up our wonderful, sagging old fence, and the sky is turning golden pink colors- a combo sunset/threatening thunderstorm...We were thinking we might head out in a bit for the drive-in movie. Hmmm. Wonder if we'll be watching Julie & Julia through the windshield wipers, lol?! Hopefully not.

The puppies are totally intrigued- watching "Daddy" intently through the kitchen screen door and then having a total meltdown when he all-of-a-sudden appears at the front door! It's pretty hysterical, how they go from wagging tails to bared teeth and growls, until they realize who it is and then they're all embarrassed, haha!! That's only happened about 3 times in the last hour or so- you'd think they'd get over it ;+).

This morning the back yard was filled with bird song. I think we have a pair of mockingbirds who are back from vacation, too. It was quiet out there for a few weeks and this morning it sounded so nice. I spotted a big, brownish-colored squirrel in the pecan trees, too. He/she wasn't the usual grey variety, so that's kinda different.

Well, here he is. I'm going to go tell him what a great job he did, no doubt extending the life of that tired old fence. We'll be grateful for his carpentry skills when the roses and trumpet vines are all in bloom, come springtime. Thanks, Darling Man!