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Thursday, September 24, 2009

"The calla lilies are in bloom again... (sigh)..." Who was it that said that?

It was a black and white movie from long ago, and that was said by some sultry actress as she drooped across the room...I can barely remember.

Calla lilies...I love them, always have. These are the last of the florals to be ordered for our upcoming wedding celebration, and I've been waiting for them to "come in" so they could be crossed off that list. There are so many things to do, so many loose ends to pull together. On Monday we're going to meet the person we hope to preside over the ceremony (thanks for the recommendation, Brian), so we're really excited about that.

Anyway, that all being said, what's really important is putting the work into ourselves. Gathering the loose ends, weaving together what constitutes real happiness, ya know what I mean? That's what really matters. I'm going to be working on that....

PS. SGTex says that's from "Stage Door," and it was Kate Hepburn, of course... ;+)

Shawn (test driving her new PC- thanks, Honey)


Cinemom said...

Well, a big hug and lotsa love to you Shawn! This is cousin Cheryl and I am so very happy to hear the news of your upcoming wedding. It sounds like a beautiful day that you have planned. Anything I can do to help? Just let me know!

Shawn and SGTex said...

E-mail us w/your e-mail and phone no...Golly, would love to chat w/you!!!
Love you, lady!