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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Let's give it some Morning Glory....

It's a quiet Sunday/almost Monday night. SGTex made a late run to HEB for milk (he's doing homemade biscuits) and I'm sitting here doing this. We were out and about today and passed through the tiny nearby village on our way out to see the cotton fields, and discovered a fence covered with these Heavenly Blue morning glories...which prompted SGTex to tell me a very interesting story about his A&M days as an Aggie...(but I digress). I love his reminiscences....Anyway, the flowers were so stunning and gorgeous I decided we must plant a million of them right away, even if we have to wait until next year to enjoy the blooms.

Actually, we're enjoying our days off. Last night was terrific-- Austin City Limits with the Dave Matthews Band, another very interesting "what's in the frig" bed picnic and the rain on the roof. Anybody else love it when the A/C goes down and the windows come up? We sure do. And it was a full moon above it all, which is good.

And it was absolutely SUPER getting in touch with my long-but-not-lost cousin Cheryl! Just as much fun and sweet as ever! Let's do that more often!

Here's hoping everyone has a great week doing what you all do.

Photo by bratsmom via Photobucket--Heavenly Blue

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