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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Carpe dentum.....

....seize the teeth! 

Well, didn't Mrs. Doubtfire just take liberties all over the place. 

Last night we watched (apparently for the third or fourth time) one of my favorite movies, and after what's happened today in my little world, I got to thinking.

Uh oh, you say?  Does it seem to you that Daniel, being who he was all that time, didn't really know what others were thinking about him and was pretty oblivious to the effect his (mis)behaviors were having on his life and loved ones?  Then, when it all got turned upside down he transformed himself on the outside in order to preserve his relationship with his children and become a new and improved version of himself on the inside.  What others thought of him wasn't really entirely true, but he turned the pain of being told off, having his marriage end and his life go to pieces into something positive.  He gained some insight by basically eavesdropping on his own life when he/she had a cuppa with his ex-wife.  That must have been devastating, but he took it and processed it in his way.  

I'm kinda thinking that what he heard about himself may or may not have been true--that's not the important part.  It's that he was able to hang on to some self respect and be thankful he was who he was, inside.  He held himself together and created a new (though temporary) persona in order to fight for who he wanted to be, and that was who he had been in the first place:  the father of his children.  The new and improved version.

I don't know why I'm saying this, but it just occurred to me that sometimes we think we're giving one impression and it just so happens that it's not the one we intended to give.  I can mean for someone to believe one thing about me and think I'm totally on point and then find out that they haven't gotten that impression at all.  For whatever reason, they're thinking something totally different about me....perhaps due to their own prejudices or expectations or doubts and fears.

Sometimes you just can't win for losing, but if you can find something in yourself for which to be thankful at least you'll have a fighting chance at turning out to be who you meant to be tomorrow.

Go ahead and *Carpe Diem... seize the day*

if tomorrow ever comes, that is....


Sunday, January 20, 2013

O Happy Day....

President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama
January 20, 2012

Friday, January 18, 2013

To the world you might be just one person….

…..but to one person you might be the world.  ~Bill Wilson

Quite the conversation starter, hmm?  We all want to be the world to someone and have someone be our world…In the nicest possible way. 

I’ve kinda had that on my mind a bit over the last few days, but I must warn you that I’ve been sick, so we really had better not put too much stock in my thoughts when I’m running a fever.  And yes, I know there are more than a few of you out there who are snickering right now, as in "what’s my excuse when I’m not feverish?"  Yeah.

Anyway, there’s that, and then you probably have seen that we here in the US of A are getting excited for the Inauguration.  Some people wonder why there is such an event for a 2nd term election.  I’m not sure who has done what in the past, but we have friends who are going to Washington, DC to be there and it will be fun to see their pictures and read what they have to say about all of it.

For our part, we sent greetings along to Bo, the First Dog from Sebastian and Seamus, the Havanese Hellboys.  LOL.  Sebastian, by the way, has been naughty.  He chased a cat up a tree and now goes around acting like he’s the neighborhood Tuff Guy.  (being clueless that he's about the size of a loaf of bakery bread!)  Seamus has been his usual angelic self.  At least to the best of our knowledge, which is somewhat limited.  This pair is always up to something.

Well, see?!  I didn’t have anything more substantial to say than I usually do, after all.  Haha.  Perhaps there will be something interesting to share later on down the road.  Meanwhile, we do hope you have wonderful days and nights.  Welcome to our new readers and we’re so glad that each of you stop by.

See you in the funnies!  (Do they say that where you come from?)



Thursday, January 10, 2013

What's love got...

...to do with it?

Just about everything.

So, I just happened to notice that some time has gone by and I haven't blogged in awhile. 

I might have had more to say about life these days, but my mind has been quite preoccupied with things that are not conducive to blogging, really.  Sometimes things are just too personal or hard to explain or of absolutely no interest to anyone but me, and I'd just as soon find another interest, iykwim. 

I was having a conversation with a friend who mentioned how much people post mundane, trivial and even irritating things on Facebook.  I think I probably do some of that, and do some of it right here on the blog. 


(Hey, has it ever struck you as interesting that you might overhear a conversation and the word "Facebook" comes up, and you think to yourself, "I wouldn't have ever heard such a word used 15 years ago."  Or am I the only one who thinks up this stuff (speaking of mundane, trivial and even irritating things)?  LOL.

 Anyway, I was about to say that it's more than a week into 2013 and I've been thinking about things, wondering and speculating and figuring and yada yada yada.  Cryptic, I am.  Haha.  You'll be glad to know I do plan on continuing to keep those thoughts mostly to myself, but wanted to stop by and remind myself and others who might pass through that we need peace of mind, peace in our hearts and peace in our homes.  The neighborhoods in which we live need peace, as do our cities and countrysides.

Let's do it.....love the world into peace.