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Saturday, August 19, 2017

These days...

...it seems like I'm never sure things will be as I expect.  Things are going along fine, as far as I am concerned, but then in a flash it's all turned upside down, spilled out and stomped on.  Whew.   My day.  Week.  Life.

This photo spoke to me.  I can imagine my life being filled with shadows and dark, mysterious places that hold the frayed bits of memory of days long gone.

Back then, did I appreciate how simple life was?  Was I aware of the beauty and kindness of those dear people who cared about me and loved me?  Did I know how soon so many would be passing from sight, crossing The River into their next existence, having been "promoted" (according to one of the dearest of all)?

The colored light reminds me that those were pretty easy days shared with great people.  

It's a blessing to have family and friends at hand, and it's time well spent and never wasted when one can be with people who genuinely care.


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What was I thinking?

Right now, I could probably write for miles.

I won't.  I've erased much of what was posted here and will spare you everything but this hello.

I like this picture that my nephew E said I could use.  See how it matches?  :)

Have a wonderful rest of your week!!