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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Can you find.....

....the mistakes?

If we were on Facebook, I suppose this would say something like, "If you can find the mistakes, click "like" and share."  LOL!

I don't know about you, but sometimes it gets a bit much, all the bubble-gum psychology and self-analysis and self-worth stuff that flies around the Internet and elsewhere.  That is, until it touches a nerve and hits home.  That's when every time something like this pops up, I seem to be saying, "Yeah, right!"  LOL

Not a whole lot has been happening here.  Funny, as I say that, I'm reminded of a communication I received the other day via e-mail that stated "nothing new going on" and "not much exciting," in spite of the fact that there had been something new and exciting going on.  Or at least I would have thought so.....A major life event was being celebrated....or so I thought...I'd have been hard put to say there was "nothing going on" if it was happening to my loved one.  Wait, it was!  I am beginning to suspect I wasn't supposed to know about it.  Or maybe THAT person didn't know about it, so would naturally be saying there wasn't anything new happening.....Hmmm....."This is too convoluted.  On to the next blog," you say?  Well, it is pretty convoluted trying to keep ahead of who isn't supposed to know what about which family member is having something going on...Nevah mind.  I just had to get that little vent taken care of...LOL!

Baby Seamus' eye seems to be a little better.  He's back to romping around and playing with Sebastian, drinking out of the bird bath and being his little charming self again.  We shall see if the vet is as impressed with his progress as we are.

Nothing else going on here.  No, seriously, it's true!  I heard the first mockingbird singing at night on Easter, which was beautiful.  Oh, yes!  Easter came and I got a lovely basket filled with all sorts of fabulous chocolates and candy.  The most fabulous treat was the giant strawberry dipped in white chocolate (well, it was pink) and sprinkles! 

My goddess, I will do just about anything for one of those outrageous strawberries....