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I wrote the following a year and a half ago.  Nowadays I am so aghast at our anomalous president-elect that I am temporarily kind of dumbstruck, but it looks as though some of my prior commentary still applies.  Well, in my opinion, anyway.  
John Kleese does Hitler

"Maranatha, come Lord Jesus."  -Michelle Bachman

U.S. politics has so polarized that any complementarity the factions might once have acknowledged has hardened into stubborn partisanship.  That’s just as unfortunate, certainly, as President Obama makes it sound; however, at least it clarifies things – much like dialing the “contrast” setting all the way up on an old television. 

Didn’t people once recall with nostalgia a “simpler time,” exemplified by movies in black and white?  Now an era is upon us when the issues are pretty clear-cut.  In fact, it all seems to be shaping up into a frank battle between good and evil.  Optimistically speaking, it’s reasonable to hope for a favorable outcome (eventually, anyway) because the good guys are intelligent and the bad guys are idiots. 

As I have shown before, liberalism is associated with education, science and progress while conservatism is based on willful ignorance, misleading religion and backwardness.

The distinction is even plainer on a global scale than it is here at home.  The U.N. and NATO, though somewhat ineffective to date, represent hope for the Family of Man.  Where does one see the opposite of that?  Syria and Iraq, of course, in a foul and subhuman social disease known as ISIS, next to which Hitler’s goons look like the Beatles.  But that axis of absurd cruelty bears out my theory, for their depravity is directly related to conservatism founded in the extreme ignorance of perverse, medieval religion.  

I’m sure most will agree that ISIS is fully half again as bad as the American Family Association.

On the sentinel issues such as marriage equality, reproductive freedom, gun control, immigration and separation of church and state, you’d think America would have settled matters for good by now – but danged if conservatives haven’t come down squarely in the wrong and stayed there for decades, fouling up society something awful.

As if all that weren’t bad enough, abuses of the extreme right wing persist and worsen ad nauseam in the life-and-death matter of environmental/energy policy.  The gods must surely be dismayed to see Alberta, Canada laid to waste by the filthiest industry in history, whose ambition is to export the ooze of that disaster to the rest of the world.  But isn’t a similar malady afflicting Texas?  What could be stupider than poisoning the groundwater while raping the drought-stricken earth night and day?  Signs no less ominous than seismic tremors are being ignored by the corporate lapdogs our elderly keep sending to Austin.  I don’t understand why responsible Texans aren’t out there toppling rigs.

Insanely reckless industrial pollution is attributable in large part to distorted religion, of the sort that teaches “the world” (our planet) is a thing to be disdained and abandoned; that these are the fabled “end times” and nothing Man can do but hosannah hallaloo and pass the ammunition.  Subterranean Texas would appear to be as outta luck these days as polar bears and unarmed black males. 


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

It's been December....

....for awhile, now.

I haven't really known what to say, for some reason.  I still don't, but have been thinking about the Father Christmas collection that was lost and now long gone, so I will just put up a lovely picture and imagine nice things that I wish had come to make happy the lovely, lost children of Aleppo.

Season's Greetings