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Sunday, July 30, 2017

I kinda wish we'd...

...have skipped July altogether.

You know, try as you might, your attempt at keeping an even keel (what is that, anyway?) and wanting a normal routine,  peaceable coexistence at home with everybody on the same page and heading the same direction can be flat-out ruined when it's not, shall we say, important to all interested (or disinterested) parties.

I know.  That was the longest run-on sentence and it just barely makes sense.

I am currently at a crossroads.  Continue with how things are, or....what?  Answers are elusive.  I can't do any more changing in the attempt at pleasing when there is no pleasing to be had.  That half-full cup is always half empty, you know.

This all might seem pretty vague to you, but you'll just have to read between the lines or disregard.  I'm pretty sure that any speculation as to what may or may not be going on with me would pale next to the reality.

I know, many say that God is good all the time, and that's nice.  Others have more serious things with which to deal, and perhaps I can "endure."  Someday I might tell you why I dislike the word "endure."

So, this is me, feeling kinda blue and bewildered.  

Cheers (eyeroll)