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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Epitomy of Femininity...(IMO)

I like this picture of Marilyn, so here it is. I'm not sure where I'm going with this post...but it's something about womanliness and femininity and oh yes, deliciousness. If I weren't a bit shy, I'd confess it's something to which I aspire.

I always liked her and admired her, even when I was little and didn't think much past "I wish my hair would do that." Later on, I was more like "Wouldn't it be something to have that kind of _____...."

Well, she sure had it, and she knew how to use it. Uh,huh. There was that wow, the special something that gave her an edge, lifted her more than a little bit above the rest of women and made so many love (and envy) her. I'd like to have tapped into that supply of whatever *it* was-- the secret ingredient in the potion that made her oh, so Marilyn, but gosh, she took the recipe with her, didn't she?!

If I'd had some, I'd have mixed some more and bottled it for sale, and I'd definitely have called it Mystique.

(note: I told SGTex I forgot to sign my post and would have to come back and do it later. He said, "Oh, now they're going to think that *I* wrote that!" LOL. Oh yeah, and when he looked at this post and saw the picture of Marilyn, he said, "WOW!" See what I mean? ;+)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Lucky for me, I was born in the US of A....

It's been quite a week here in America, what with the passing of MJ and FF, all the discussion and controversy, the speculation and the digging up of past issues, etc... I, for one, can't believe how utterly hateful people can be and the things they say (anonymously, of course) on chat boards about someone who isn't alive to defend himself. How unfortunate.

Rather than dwell on that, it's more pleasant to focus on the puppies, all snuggled together in their "bus" (crate) after their morning mayhem, lol. It's been full-on *bark* this holiday for Sebastian the Vocal. He's finally settled down next to Seamus the Deceptively Calm, collapsed in a heap. Each seem momentarily bored, their chin resting on their favorite toys, a sheep and a buffalo purchased for them at the Cracker Barrel gift shop.

We're further along with our moving project. Everything that was There is Here. Or so I've been told...

It's the Fourth of July!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday. After SGTex finishes his work for the day we'll take in the local firework display, have a car picnic and come home for popcorn and the Boston Pops.

(LOL- I just sighed and said, "I hope I spelled everything right." SGTex looks over his shoulder and says, "that's e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g." Hmm, now why didn't I see that one coming?)

It's a very pretty day here in America. Enjoy!!!