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Thursday, February 23, 2017

The big question...

...the other day was asking what you'd tell your younger self.  You know, the words of wisdom that you'd share with the younger you that would make your life so much nicer.

I questioned myself and came up with the "don't throw away those letters or pictures" and "be more forthcoming in your journal and keep it up."  I think really there must be a journal's worth of good ideas that the younger me would have been able to use, had the younger me been so inclined.

Meanwhile, this picture says it all.


Friday, February 3, 2017

Happy Birthday, Grandma...

I wish for you all the lady luncheon style shows, shopping sprees to Seattle, Frango chocolates, designer linens, Finnware, Best Sellers, camellia and rhody bouquets, pastries and plain cake donuts, pots of coffee, meat market sausages on a string, lime molded salads and finger sandwiches you shared with me. Annual holiday shopping trips to Seattle to see what color Frederick's and The Bon would do and visits to Santa were a delight to me. Coming home with something new to show Grandpa, the giant shopping bags and Christmas Carolers singing were the stuff of my dreams.

You didn't know how much your kindnesses to others and trips to the library and historical museum would stick with me. It meant a lot that you didn't tire of going downstairs to see Ezra Meeker's covered wagon and the mummy every single time we visited.

You didn't know that the trips you took to far away places inspired me to do the same, and your letters meant the worlds to me.

You couldn't imagine that your baby picture would hang on our bedroom wall in Texas, but it does.

Thanks a million, as you'd say.