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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You've got to be bored out of your minds by now, but by the time you read this.....

....everything should be pretty much all wrapped up, pulled together and be easily construed as "wedding ready." (Yes, I said "should," and "pretty much," lol)

Actually, I'm officially off work now for the next week+, and just knowing that there's more than a couple of hours available to me to dedicate to this undertaking is a comfort. And so what did I immediately do, knowing that? Went in the bedroom and collapsed, konked out, napped. Yes. You can ask my Mister how often that happens. (Practically never). It sure felt good!

I know the whole world cannot possibly be interested in our wedding stuff, and those of you who have gotten this far following or dropping by to read all about it for however long it's been, well, you should get some sort of credit for having done so. Here: Thankyouverymuch!!! Our readership has grown by leaps and bounds for some reason (64 countries), and that's fun. Soon, there will hopefully be something else about which to blog. The bears will be hibernating, so that gives you all a bear break, too. (I do wish Lily and Hope would settle down and hole up for the winter....)

Sooo, the first of our company has arrived and we're looking forward to dinner with them, to kick off the celebration. There are blue skies forecast on Our Day (we are grateful for that), and it does actually look like we should be on The Learning Channel programming for hoarding wedding items, at our house. If you haven't been invited to drop by for a visit, it's not that we're antisocial (yeah, yeah, M), it's that there is absolutely No Place To Sit Down, unless it's at our computer armoires, LOL. Every surface seems to be covered with phfoo phfoo items. It looks like Martha Stewart dot com on crack.

No kidding.

See you after it's all over.......


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