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Friday, October 22, 2010

Just moments into our wedding day....

And lo, I'm blogging. What??

In spite of what the PC calendar/time says, it is, for all intents and purposes 10/23/10....
Okay, for you who think I'm nuts to be blogging less than 12 hours before the wedding-- consider this: It's either pack stuff in the car, or sit at the computer and keep Mister company while he winds up a project....

Yes, in 12 hours it will, for the most part, be said and done. There should be bubbles rising "Higher and Higher" to the sounds of Jackie Wilson.

Weather is iffy. For the first time in years, the weather gods have decided to keep us guessing, but right now there's a gorgeous full moon, which will turn into a new moon at the rightest of times.

It's been an eventful time, filled with all the feeling that can be packed into a long journey toward a most momentous occasion.


Shawn & SGTex


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