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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could only.....

I think we manage some on the list better than others. How about you? :+)

It surprised me when I glanced up at the calendar on the wall next to my desk and saw that it was already Thursday. I think I'm still getting over the shock of seeing that it's actually October, LOL!! That means there aren't even 3 weeks left until our wedding weekend...O.M.G.
Okay, let me just set the paper bag I've been breathing into aside and see if I can collect the last few thoughts I might have left for this day.....
I've been mad about the rhino situation in Africa-- the poaching must stop! See about it here, and do whatever you can. Pass it on, be informed and inform others, please:
Obviously, it's not just black bears which interest me, is it? I'm sorry to have to be sad, but someone has to put the word out and speak up against evil and cruelty. I don't want to find that when Mother Earth lets us know that enough is more than enough, I hadn't bothered to try to help!
Lately the news in the US has been focused on bullying, and young kids committing suicide because they cannot bear to endure one more day. That makes me sad, too. I saw a related story from the UK, too, so I know it's not just something we face here in the USA.

Something that I've been coming to is a sense of not just being part of my particular state and country, but realizing that I'm a member of the bigger, more global community. I guess that's what happens when one communicates with people all over this planet.
I find that to be awesome.


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