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Sunday, October 3, 2010

She's got a ticket to ride....

Hmmm....What to blog about this evening? It's been a busy Sunday, and we got about half of what we had planned for the day underway, and pretty much completed. That might have something to do with the fact that we didn't actually "rise and shine" until afternoon.... :+). Both of us are sitting at our desks with some pretty strong coffee before us, and it's about time to knock it off for the night, lol. He's actually working. I mentioned that I might see about working, but never quite made that particular connection. Watched a video, surfed the I'net, and sat here trying to remember *where did I put the silver heart stickers* that I ordered?!?! So far, nothing's coming to me. I tell ya, there have been several little items during this "journey to the wedding day" that have created some mind boggling. I actually used to be somewhat organized. That isn't the case any more, obviously, lol. More like well on the way to scrambled shambles status...sigh....

It's actually cooled off, into the realm of 50 degrees! Windows open, but I'm kinda shivering and am going to be pulling the comforter up past our feet tonight. That's pleasant, though. Last night we stepped outside and the crickets were singing like crazy-- I absolutely love that sound. Something you don't hear after dark in the Pacific Northwest. Texas is great.

We spent much of the day getting the groom's cake brandied and boxed. It is So. Very. Good. Mr. SGTex is quite the consummate chef and baker..... I think everyone will be glad they got to take some of that home with them after the wedding :+P. Private recipe....

So, that's about all I have to say. Less than 3 weeks to go, and so much to do. This past week has been the ultimate roller coaster ride, to tell you the truth!

Oh, wait, here's something:

I'm not into corporate bashing-- well, unless it's BP Oil, but~ United Parcel Service claims they delivered something Very Important to the wedding on September 29, at 5:20 p.m. to our front door. The Internet site offers "proof of delivery" (don't believe that for a minute--that is not so....) and lemme tellya, if they don't come up with some answers (and the package) tomorrow, we're setting the cat amongst the pigeons. OMG......

Hmm, wasn't it UPS that left Tom Hanks on a deserted island in "Castaway?" Well, then, thereya go.

I'll try and blog about the outcome of this little fiasco, and let the world know, lol. Speaking of world, we're waving hello at 58 countries now.

My goodness!


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