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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

About today...

What’s new in our world?

I’m sitting here listening to songs, while SGTex is busy working. That’s what I should be doing, but last night we were talking about our wedding music, and he’s got me in the mood. It’s a good thing it’s going to be a “wedding weekend,” as our selection of great tunes is pretty extensive! It's also a good thing he's in charge of the music (as well as The Cake!), as I'd never be able to figure it all out.

It seems that Mr. Mockingbird has found his mate, as he no longer sings in the night. It seems strange to miss something so beautiful and yet be happy for him, all at the same time. We’re wishing him the very best and all the joy that is due him, as he blessed us so very, very much.

We think we’ve found a realtor for the house in Washington. He just seemed to drop out of the sky one morning, and as so many blessings have come to us by way of Heaven, we feel it’s a good fit.

All in all, these are fine days. Our loved ones are in good health and relatively happy. We can’t ask for more than that, and so we continue to give thanks.

Got to go. My nose tells me the chicken baking in the oven is just about done.


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