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Sunday, September 23, 2007

And a fine Sunday evening it is, thanks...

I'm sitting here with SGTex and we're trying to decide just exactly what is that flowering plant growing in the neighbor's hanging basket. The question has put me on to Spring-thinking, and I really don't much care whether or not we happen upon the botanical name or identify the pretty plant, because I'm just enjoying the time together. I am glad he's got the know-how and is quite a gardener (admittedly, I am too). We'll be deciding what to plant on our patio, and as soon as the garden centers start loading up on the latest and loveliest, I'm going to be hard put to leave it alone and not come home with a trunkload of flowers.

Good thing we don't have to park far from the front door!

Shawn & SGTex

Photo: Wave Blue petunia

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