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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This world of ours...

Our friend Michele shared these words with us today, on this 9/11 morning. In part, this is what she will be reading at the Interfaith Memorial Service in her California town.

"The contrary people think
This world is in a great fire
The end of the kalpa of destruction is coming.
In reality this world of mine is peaceful.
It is filled with gods and men.
The gardens, forests, and stately buildings
Are adorned with various treasures;
The jewelled trees have many flowers and fruits;
The living beings are enjoying themselves;
And the gods are beating heavenly drums,
Making various kinds of music,
And raining mandarava-flowers on the great multitude
and me."

The above is excerpted from The Life Span Chapter of the Lotus Sutra

"In my lifetime I want to see evidence of things turning around, of my home planet starting to be less of a hell and more like heaven or a Buddha land. Hurry Kosen-Rufu of Sandai Hiho, hurry jiyu." SGTex, June 2005


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