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Thursday, September 6, 2007

"Ssssshhhh....shush, now..."

Something I hear from time to time is my Man telling me, "Now, lookie here..." Other times, it's "Shush, now. It's all right..." Words like that, which more often than not have to be repeated several times over, until the racing thoughts (and words pouring out of my mouth) cease, and I desist, you know, from being not-so-very cooperative.

That's one of my most favorite things about him. That Calming Effect. Letting me know that all will be well, real soon-like. I can tell you, he's had to draw on that quality in himself more times than we can probably count during the last couple of years.

Today he found this song from a favorite film, The Color Purple, and shared it with me. I am so grateful, as it really hit the spot. Just what I needed, that beautiful reminder that it really pays to listen up and pay attention, because there's a message with my name on it, written across the sky, just beyond those gray clouds. You know, the ones with just a hint of silver lining....

Shawn, getting her spiritual groove on, and ever so grateful for SGTex

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vlgos said...

You two are soooooo very lucky!! I hope someday I can find what you have!!

Love your blog!!