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Saturday, May 24, 2008

How'd it get to be Memorial Day weekend already?

Happy Memorial Day!

Is it proper to wish it a "happy" day? I guess it might be, in the sense that we can be relatively happy, and we should be grateful to those veterans in the past who made it possible for us to enjoy a safe and pretty comfortable life in America these days.

This is a gorgeous Saturday, with big blue skies and American flags fluttering in the breeze. People are out and about, despite the price of gas. When I went to town this morning, I did notice one thing--there were quite a few people having yard and garage sales. That's pretty typical for this time of year on any given weekend, but still, there was a sense that people were wanting to do it for the sake of getting some cash, rather than just get rid of extra stuff. There weren't very many people buying, either. (I have long since given up on shopping garage-sales, a former favorite Saturday morning activity).

I'm going to try and enjoy the weekend with an attitude of *appreciation* for what freedoms we have, as well as a sense of *anticipation* for the bright and sunny days of summer.


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