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Friday, November 28, 2008

How was your Thanksgiving?

Hoping your holiday was great!
We've been kinda stretching ours out a bit. After both of us had made several trips to the grocery store for all the extra stuff I seem to think I must have on hand for the holiday (like why are there 3 cans of water chestnuts?), we finished up our work week on Wednesday, really quite late. We'd decided to take M and A to the Cracker Barrel for Thanksgiving breakfast, which turned out to be more like lunch, as we were slow getting on the road. It was wonderful, naturally. I'm hoping their pumpkin strudel pie is available the next time we're there- it looked beautiful! We didn't have any, but imagine it's as scrumptious as it looks. That's such a cute place to eat (and shop). Anyway, we never did make it back home in time to get everything done for dinner, so just made the dressing and stuffed the bird, got a few things ready and called it a day. We'd gotten new furniture delivered and SGTex spent some time getting that taken care of.

So, today was more suited to making it more like Thanksgiving, and we did have a lovely dinner after a short Black Friday shopping spree, which included a new set of pots and pans and a new microwave, plus some gift items.

All in all, it's been the best Thanksgiving ever. The turkey was perfect, everything came out even. We used the best dishes, a gift from a beloved uncle. The wine and conversation was so nice, and I am deeply grateful.

Shawn & SGTex

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