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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Déjà Vu....

We were sitting here talking a little bit ago and I experienced one of those moments like, woah...I remember this. It was a weird feeling, kinda spooky. SGTex would tell you I have those more than the average person, but every time it happens I'm surprised. And then I get to thinking...

Well, we're in the last days of summer. I've been enjoying blue skies and warm temps. Not too many complaints from this Pacific Northwesterner, really. Of course, I keep the A/C going all the time....last evening he turned it down and put on his shirt, saying it was "cold." I'm like, "it's 99 degrees outside and you're cold?" Well, okay...acclimatization is a work in progress, evidently. Maybe I'll get totally used to the heat at about the same time I get so I can drive across town without getting lost, haha. If we had a nickel for every time I've asked, "Where are we now?" ;+)

The other day I looked up at the horizon and we were in a particular spot where it seemed that Mt. Rainier should be sitting right over there on the skyline. And then I remembered that I'd had the same experience in Astoria, OR, getting out of the car and looking over at the hills and wondering what happened to the mountain?!! I've done the same thing with the Columbia River, though. I guess it'll always be like that for me. It's nice to keep those scenes tucked away in your heart- you can whip them out whenever you like. Right now I'm anticipating seeing the cotton fields in bloom. We've been out to check on them a couple of times when they were flowering. It probably won't be long now.

Our days are filled with the usual desk work, unpacking and arranging (speaking of a work in progress), attempting civilization of the savages/puppies (speaking of another work in progress) and getting ourselves ready for another road trip. We're loving our little house and big yard (tomatoes and peppers coming on, better late than never!), and we've actually found a gent to do our lawns and keep the yard in shape! (Thanks, T!!)

Summer has been very good to us...


"If I had ever been here before I would pro'bly know just what to do
Hey, don't you?
If I had ever been here before on another time around the wheel I would pro'bly know just how to deal
With all of you

And I feel like I've been here before
Feel like I've been here before
And you know it does make me wonder
What's going on under the ground

Do you know?
Don't you wonder?
What's going on
Down under you

Na, na, na...

We have all been here before
We have all been here before
We have all been here before
We have all been here before"

David Crosby

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