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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Someplace just outside of town....

Today we were sitting here in the office talking and SGTex said something about going "someplace just outside of town." Which got me to day-dreaming, which led me to thinking....

Someday, if we ever *do* get the Chance and the Time and the Money to actually *do* what we're probably *meant* to do (the B&B/Guesthouse bit), we should call it, "Someplace Just Outside Of Town." Granted, it might actually be located right smackdab in the heart of town, but I kinda doubt that.

See, he's this great writer and needs the time to finish his writing projects and be published. And I have this yen for getting to know people from all sorts of places and learning about them and their kids and their pets and their neighbors. We're both kinda artsy-crafty and have a knack for decorating, and we like everything from Victoriana to American Funk. Not to mention the fact that he makes a killer cup of coffee and bakes monkey bread, and one of my most fav things is to set a pretty table with all sorts of delicious things to eat and let company just have at it!

Really, we should see what we must do to make it all happen...

But meanwhile, we're settling into this cute little bungalow, which actually turned out to be a composite of my two most favorite houses in the Pacific Northwest. How it came to be in Texas, (well heavens, how did *I* turn up in Texas?!) I'll never know, but I can tell you, I'm delighted and will be forever grateful.

Meanwhile, until this particular dream comes true, we'll just take the easy route and make like guests in such fine establishments. And we're going to do just that, come September!


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