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Friday, October 30, 2009

Everybody else have a great Hallowe'en....

A friend shared this link about the church in Arizona with the so-called haunted house, called "Final Destination." in the news at: http://www.azfamily.com/video/featured-videos/Parents-outraged-at-churchs-haunted-house-67796337.html

Well, I had this to say about that on a message board:

"That's certainly disturbing---and worthy of picketers, IMO.

I have issues with the concept of that sort of thing, along with Superbowl Sunday at church, etc...and I really don't see the need for "haunted houses" at churches to begin with.

Basically, I'm not a fan of the ghosty-goblin-ghouly ***!!BOO!!*** stuff and have made a concerted effort to avoid watching it on TV, like the "Rosanne" Hallowe'en episodes, lol. Just too grizzly for me.

OTOH, SGTex and I spent awhile driving around town the other evening attempting to locate a residence that was featured in the local newspaper, the article written by a friend of SGTex. "Annie" is a presence who has made herself known over time, and there are some really interesting stories passed down over the years. I found it particularly interesting, as the incidences were very similar to experiences I'd heard about and witnessed in Astoria. I have a certain amount of respect for the Real Thing, you see ;+).

Anyway, this church has absolutely no business doing what they're doing. They're totally off base, committing acts of fundamentalist terrorism on the community and then excusing themselves, playing the "you know what you're getting into" card. I find that revolting, and if it weren't so utterly lame and trite, I might whip out the old "WWJD" myself. Rather than stoop to that, let me just say that I think THIS just might be the final nail in that coffin-- these ignoramuses (ignoramii?) have finally managed to polish off the last crumbs of respect I had for those who dare to call themselves Xians....

Hello God,

Save me from such morons."


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