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Saturday, March 6, 2010

I'm not quite sure what to call this one....

It's Saturday night and I'm *in between*--thinking back over last week and looking forward to what's coming next. Monday is my birthday, and I'm looking forward to that. Not so much the 'adding another year' aspect, but about having a nice time with my man and our being together here, under the same roof, in the same time zone, etc.... That's worthy of celebration, in my book!

I was really proud of SGTex this week. He received his pretty-much-annual invitation to speak about his Buddhism at a local university class on world religions, and he gave a wonderful presentation. I listened in by cell phone, as I was at home working and doing puppy rodeo. It was a very interesting lecture and time of testimony, followed by some pretty insightful student questions. That was great! One thing that he talked about is the interfaith aspect of our relationship.

I guess we are pretty unique and different, and I think the picture here illustrates that. It's a Pagan Buddhist Japanese shrine, and what does actually not apply to us is this: Neither of us is Japanese, lol. I'll let you arrive at your own conclusions about the rest. ;+).

I really like spending time with SGTex, and it's nice that we don't wait for a special occasion to go out to eat or do something enjoyable together. An old friend mentioned that she hadn't been out with her husband for a loooong time, and that was remarkable, evidenced by another friend's exclamation of "PTL" over it (eyeroll here by me). Hmmm. What's up with a couple who claims to share the same practice of faith and values, yet don't share much, if any, of their free time? Not being on the scene, I can only speculate, and I'm not going to waste much thought on it. But I guess why this came to mind is that this morning, DH and I did have a discussion about the merits of eating in more often rather than going out, and I will confess that I didn't have the greatest attitude about it at the time (I like going out!) Come to think of it, I might have been a little more cheerfully practical, had I bothered to remember that I have it pretty good compared to some wives out there...And if you have any doubts, just ask my husband. He'll tell you how good I have it....LOL.

Don't I know it !!!

You're absolutely right, Darling....


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