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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our very beginning....

Jerusha Day!!!

In the spring of 2005, SGTex and I became acquainted with each other on an Internet religion board. We’d kinda swoop and dip into each other’s conversations, keeping an eye on what the other was saying on various topics, but it wasn’t until the subject of monkey bread came up that we actually engaged each other directly…

Anyway, back to our topic.  I’m very interested in genealogy, and it was on May 30, 2005, we were chatting on the board about his ancestress Jerusha.  Our conversation became involved to such a degree that I wondered if we might take it to email, which evidently is exactly what he had in mind. Well, we did, and that is how we became involved, way back when. The most amazing month followed, I kid you not. Whew.   So in case you were wondering, that is how our time together began.

Thank you kindly, Jerusha. I’ll be forever grateful….

photo: The Guitar Juan Gris, 1913 (150 Kb); Oil and papier colle on canvas, 61 x 50 cm (24 x 19 5/8 in); Private collection, Paris (DC42) / Musee National d'Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris / (SGTex named his guitar Jerusha- a gift from me)

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vegakitty said...

How well I remember! I remember when SGTex told me that he thought he had a woman interested in him. I didn't dream it was Shawn.