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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shoo, fly! Shoo, wouldya?!....

Baby bear Hope vs. a deer fly....

I thought this picture was just too awfully cute not to post!  Just look at those paws...HaHa!! 

Well, it's a breezy, sunny Sunday here in Texas and all is well.  We're being around-the-housers pretty much today.  Must get some indoor stuff done and some outdoor stuff done, as usual. 

Things around here pretty much involve domesticity (more tomatoes and zucchini are coming on).  SGTex brought me some beautiful brandy roses from along the fence yesterday.  We've got Heavenly Blue morning glories blooming on our trellis arch, too, and the Passiflora is about to pop along the front porch wrought-iron railings that he painted black not long ago.  It looks great, matching the black front door with a "This is a Buddhist home" brass plaque.  Pretty spiffy ;+). 

Speaking of SGTex, he was featured in the local newspaper this past Friday.  The story and pictures were about being Buddhist here in West Texas.  It was a great article.  My Celebrity :+). 

Of course, much of our conversations throughout the day center on what is happening to the Gulf, and we continue to be concerned, sad, angry, appalled, bewildered and horrified at the thoughtlessness and lack of concern on the part of the BP Oil Company, and their willingness to not just allow, but perpetrate such destruction on wildlife and the habitat is beyond comprehension.  Their coldness and greed, their utter disregard of those whose lives and livelihoods have been lost leaves me absolutely--well, evidently not quite, speechless.  

photo courtesy of:  Lily The Black Bear on Facebook 07.10.10

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