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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Between Thursday and Friday....

....I dreamed of the border regions of being.

When I awoke, I remembered only something between water and land, silence and speech, sleep and waking, and thought: "Here it is, the esthetics of indeterminacy. And here it is again..."

by: Lev Rubinstein, translated by Alex Halberstadt  (http://www.jewcy.com/ )
I did dream last night, and it was strange.  A lot of stairs leading to and from vast empty spaces in parking garages that overlooked empty streets.  Somehow, I ended up arriving at evening choir practice on a Sunday evening at the old church my family attended when I was a little girl.  And for some reason, I was supposed to go change clothes.  My aunt and cousin were sitting in the pew behind me and when I sat down they laughed.....Haha.  It was when I saw that the line into the dressing room was quite long that I became bored and woke myself up.  (Actually, I think SGTex awoke, got up to feed Sasha, and that is what woke me up, lol)
I don't know anything really profound to say today (not that I ever do, lol).  We're coming down the home stretch on the wedding plans....This morning I was wondering what will occupy our thoughts and time, once the wedding is past.  Hmmm.  I'm sure we'll come up with something!  I know!!  Paying for it!!! Hahaha.  We were delighted to know that M&R, two of our most special guests set out today on their trip from Washington state, planning to visit friends, camp and kayak all the way to Texas!  That was great news.
I guess I'd better get back to work.  SGTex is in the kitchen making some beef stew, and the fragrance is wonderful....

Hope your Thursday is leading up to a fantastic Friday!

pictures courtesy of:  Jeannine Coats Cooper, to be found on Facebook 

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