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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sometimes I feel like a nut....

....on the other hand, no thanks.  I'll pass--on the things that I currently consider to be nuts.  I'm talkin' about things that can drive me craaaazy...as in *you-gotta-be-kidding* nuts.  Things that really make me go, "Whaaaa???"

Got nuts?  Here, for instance, is the latest story I just read on line, about an incident in a town called Trophy Club, Texas.  Their high school evidently suspended a 16-year-old male student for coming to school with bloodshot (red) eyes.  He was accused of using marijuana, so they suspended him.  But his eyes were red because....(are you ready for this???) his father had been murdered, and he had been crying. 

Can you imagine?!!  Appalling.  The story can be found on line via Google. 

More nuts?  Oh, let's see.  Today I was on Facebook and asked another FB friend about her post regarding the "See You At The Pole" event at a local school (where kids meet before school hours to pray--these would be kids who are most often conservative, born-again Christians, and you can also Google about that.  Interesting information at the Religious Tolerance website if you care to know more, for instance).  Well, I asked for the poster's thoughts about the aspect of constitutionality (as in US Constitution rights) and this poster's daughter jumped on and really lit into me, assuming I was anti-this and anti-that.  Nervy, hmm?  She was wrong....but one thing was made aBUNdantly clear--I'm really, really glad to be 99.9% free of having to deal with that type of person in my life these days.  Whew.  Unpleasant, to say the least. 

There is some interesting discussion to be had about Constitutional rights, about freedom of worship, freedom of speech, when the line gets crossed in the wrong way, separation of church and state, etc....I'm all for religious tolerance, and I'm all against religious intolerance, especially when it is practiced on the premises of city hall, public schools, etc....Some people seem to forget that the United States of America isn't ONLY a nation of one particular sort of faith or another.  There's room for all faiths, here....

Even more nuts?

I could probably come up with a few more things that I consider to be nutty, or things that make me nutty in particular.  Junk mail used to really bother me.  So do phone books, haha.  I'm not scared of them or anything-- I just find it weird and disturbing that they seem to accumulate so quickly and never seem to be thrown out.  Bacon grease makes me nuts.  (Sorry, Honey)... But more often these days, it's stuff I'm responsible for and haven't gotten resolved, like the boxes of wedding stuff sitting all over the house that need to be organized, reduced in number, stowed away neatly on shelves or in the shed.  And pictures that need to be hung...Or how about the half-finished wedding projects that need to be completed and crossed off the list?  Yeah.  What about _____ and _____?  Go ahead, fill in the blanks.  Chances are, there's a high likelihood what you put there at your desk would most likely apply here at my desk ;+).

OTOH, speaking of nuts, our pecan trees are absolutely laden with a bumper crop of beautiful nuts that will prove to be absolutely scrumptious.

Now, we're talkin' nuts!!


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