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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An Afghanistan-American sweetheart named Target....

This beauty, along with her canine friends Rufus and Sasha intercepted a suicide bomber in Afghanistan, saving the lives of many US soldiers. One of them brought her home to live in Arizona with her new family. She was America's hero. She even got to be on Oprah.

I guess it wasn't too surprising when she got out of the yard and spent some time at large, running loose in her town.

At least in America she didn't have to fear being shot (again) by Taliban, nor did she risk being caught by explosives.

But, the helpful neighbor who took her off the street and sent her to the animal shelter couldn't have known she wouldn't live to see home again. She was euthanized, much to the shock and dismay of her family and all of America.

Go hug your dogs and cats. This makes a good case for ID collars, microchipping and strong, secure fences.

Take care of your animal friends, for they will take care of you.

We're so sorry for what happened to you. Bless your beautiful heart, Target.



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