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Saturday, November 6, 2010


Yeah, you, dammit...
Okay, that wasn't very ladylike of me, was it?! I know, but geewhiz. Last evening an old friend posted on Facebook that she had noticed that some of her more liberal friends were being cranky (after the midterm elections where the more conservative types prevailed and will be sitting in Congress, now). I made a comment to the effect that some of us aren't as cranky, as we are skeptical these days, watching to see what the Republicans are going to do about everything they want changed....and of course, a couple of conservatives hopped on the thread and started in with their remarks. I chimed in with my guess that there are those who dislike Pres. Obama and family because they're not white folks, and it doesn't set well with them. So, I got told that liberals are always crying "racism" when they disagree with the conservatives.....blah, blah, blah.

Well, anyway, I find it all rather tiresome, this hash-slinging and accusatory mentality, and wish everybody would just settle down and identify the real problems we have in our country, put our heads together (as opposed to knocking them) and come up with some solutions. Maybe even just start with one thing and then resolve it, then move on to the next...and so on.
I think the first thing we might do is remember that we all are Americans, yet we don't have to all think and live the same way. It's actually okay to believe differently than our neighbors and have different lifestyles, different philosophies. There's something called "diversity" that makes life more interesting and rewarding--but the deal is, we need to actually pay attention to others and appreciate them for being who they are, and get to know about them, if not get to know them personally, well enough to like them and respect them, be grateful for what they bring to this country. I remember someone who was absolutely mean and hateful about the Vietnamese people who came to our small town in the PNW and worked hard, proving that they could contribute to our community and were given loans so they could buy a small business and make something of it. Boyhowdy, they did, and they did all right by themselves and helped each other and their extended families. They were successful. The hateful person? Well, she and her husband have gone on to be dishonest and fail at their business and are both pretty dismal and angry people, without their medication... lol. Hatred and mistrust and bigotry seems to take a toll on a person's health. I know I can't stand to be around them... I wish they were a fraction as nice as the Vietnamese people they hate so much, lol. Oh, well...
I know we're exceedingly blessed here in America. We're lucky as all get-out and some of us don't even know it. Other people from other places dislike us, mainly because we come off as being uppity and arrogant and we take so much for granted. I remember when I lived in Ireland, there were people who would come up to me and ask me if families really all had cars, or more than one car, and did our houses really have garages that were filled with all of our extra stuff so we had to park our car(s) outside...and then when I answered yes, yes, yes, they shook their heads--not so much in amazement, but in a sort of pitying, tongue-clucking way. We do take a lot for granted. We've been given a lot, here in the US of A, and the least we could do is to be grateful, take better care of it all and see if we might redistribute some of it amongst ourselves, so as to help those less fortunate.
I know, a girl can dream.....

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Jeannine said...

Hey, you are one wise woman!!! I think those in Washington really need to understand that we just want them to do their jobs . . . if we didn't do our jobs, we would get fired, not get raises, or bailed out . . . so I think they had a real eye opener this last Tuesday. Maybe you should send this blog to those in WAshington!!!