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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday in spring...or...Playing it safe"....

I must confess that I had a vastly different picture I nearly posted today, but I'm saving it for another time, if I don't lose my nerve, lol. Can a picture be totally appropriate and inappropriate at the same time? Maybe so....Anyway, you'll know it's *the one* if/when I use it, and you'll very likely guess the reason why.... To say the least, it's been a perfectly glorious morning.
It is absolutely spring out there and there are blooms popping all over the place. Two of our neighbors across the street are having yard sales, and SGTex was dispatched twice to check out a couple of things, bless his heart.
So today, it's all kinds of busy on our street with people coming and going, kids on bikes and birds chattering and oddly enough, the dogs are somewhat quiet. I told C last night on the phone that it's "dog hell" in this neighborhood-- not in a really bad, but somewhat comical way, and at times it can get p.r.e.t.t.y. n.o.i.s.y. LOL!!
We've 2 neighbor chihuahuas next door, 2 neighbor chihuahuas across the street. They enjoy our back yard and like to dig their way in for coffee mornings. Then on the other side is a tiny beagle-like thing that squeaks and basically rules the roost. Our 2 Havanese are kept real close, but Sebastian does escape and run in mad circles around the yard whenever he gets the chance, with Seamus tattle-barking from the kitchen. The most civilized of the gang is the neighborly old black lab from across the street who moseys over to look through the neighbor's gate to see if the tiny squeaker is home.
It was a good week, all in all, and if you don't believe me, stop by to see the dozen long-stemmed red roses My Man brought home yesterday morning in order to *WOW* me...which explains the mysterious picture I nearly posted, but alas, I am a bit shy...... ;+)

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