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Sunday, April 17, 2011

What's happening in my part of Texas....

It just wouldn't seem quite right to blog about the birds singing and the roses blooming in the garden, what with all the wildfires going on here in Texas right now. One article stated that 655 square miles have burned, and that's a good bit of our part of Texas, and all those who are suffering or worried or displaced are on my heart and mind today.

These cattle are (or were) in the area of Marfa, running from the flames. One firefighter, a gentleman who served the Eastland Fire Department lost his life the other day, overcome by smoke and consumed by the fire while he lay in a ditch. I told SGTex that Texas lost a real hero, and his loved ones have our deepest condolences.

There's a lot of weather going on in America and no doubts other parts of the world. Nevertheless, we are going to have a lovely Sunday with hopes and prayers for a better week.



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