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Saturday, May 7, 2011

In conclusion....

....this is what you get when you have 4 gorgeous azure robin's eggs, which safely hatch at our friend T's house in Tennessee! :+) Just in time for Momma's Day! Haha! Farm fresh, aren't they? I said to SGTex, "Aren't they cute?!" He said, "Nooooo." LOL!! Well, give them a bit of time and they'll be a little less mussy.

(Thanks, T, for supplying such fab photography for our blog from time to time! You really, really need to go pro!)

This has been quite the week. We've had our highs w/the aftermath of OBL (he who should remain nameless in future), the National Day of Prayer, and yes, even a few of our lows (yes, a few of those to keep us humble, I guess). Now it's just hit 100 degrees outside on this beautiful, breezy Texas evening.

Did any of you watch the Kentucky Derby? We were hoping that Midnight Interlude would win, but Animal Kingdom came from somewhere ?? and with seeming effortlessness won the race. We do hope Archarcharch is all right. Amazing and fun. And the hats, the hats, the hats.....

Next up will be a couple of days "off," and I do hope we make the best of them, in such a way as to be refreshed and ready for the upcoming week.

I guess I took the opp to blog, just so I could show the world these cute new babies! I'm silly like that.

Happy weekend, world.......



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