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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The most tangible of all visible mysteries...

...fire. ~Leigh Hunt

Staring into the fire....it's mesmerizing. One can do it while sitting around it with your best of friends, talking and toasting marshmallows and drinking. It's hard to beat that.

Then again, I like to think about the fire SGTex builds in the back yard when he's grilling our dinner. Everything is delicious and it's a happy time together. Have you ever noticed how wonderful it smells when one of the neighbors has the grill going? I'm hoping that the effect ours has on them is as pleasant as when it's the other way around.

The fire also made me think about the "If you play with fire, you're sure to get burned" principle. It's important to explore new thoughts and ideas and take certain risks in life, but one must be prepared for things to heat up, to the point of burning, sometimes.... And it might not be a good idea to ignore the proverb "Fire in the heart sends smoke into the head." Take that however you will.

This picture got me to thinking in all directions, and our friend J was kind enough to share it with us. I think it's a remembrance of a very good time for her, and I have a feeling she has many more good times to come....




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