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Thursday, June 23, 2011

To be natural...

.... is such a very difficult pose to keep up. ~Oscar Wilde

"Au naturale" isn't just everyone's best look...as people, or in garden world, for that matter. To allow one's garden to naturalize sometimes takes a certain willingness to let it be and wait for the results, which turn out quite nice, at times.

My mother was one who always had a certain willingness to let something grow and bloom to the maximum beauty, yet she was also known to "deadhead" the roses or azaleas around town, lol. In her own garden things went wild in a crazily-controlled sort of way, and her yard usually turned into a showplace... She was kinda that way with people, too....Well, other people, not me, (wry smile, here).

To allow oneself or others to be natural doesn't always come easily (or naturally, lol). It's not easy to flourish outside of one's own familiar territory (just ask me), but hopefully in the end, all will turn out just beautifully....

I don't know exactly what I'm wanting to say here, as SGTex just put Pink Floyd's "Fearless" playing and that's melting away my thoughts pleasantly........

Ta for now~


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