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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry moodiness.....

I posted this on Facebook in response to a dear friend's comment regarding people who claim one belief system and yet hang on to the practices of another, out of a sense of convenience or the inability to let go, for whatever reason....It kinda got my Irish up a bit, lol.

SGTex asked me to save this and put it here on the blog:

I'm not solely Wicca per se (Celtic reconstructionist pagan Pantheist, who in this lifetime identifies mostly and has an affinity w/Wicca, seein' that there aren't too many of us Celtic-types running around these parts). Do I have a problem w/Xianity? You bet- the practice of exclusivism stomping around on people of other beliefs- I don't hold with that much.

The Xmas that we (SGTex and I) celebrate is part of the holiday season that moves from Thanksgiving to Yule, 12 days which includes Xmas...

The fundie Xians have MUCH to say about our "secular" celebration of the holidays-- and frankly, I get tired of the judgmentalist finger-pointing tongue-clucking from any who take exception to my lifestyle...whether it be one thing or another. Yeah, it would be living a lie if I was going around doing "Hail, Marys" and setting up manger scenes with baby Jesus all over the place. Does the nativity have a part of the season? Sure- I can respect that, as I do Kwaanza and the Asian New Year and Hannukuh and anything else that happens...

But it's just as unpleasant to be berated by those on the left as it is by those on the right......I'm going to play my damn holiday music and enjoy it, no matter what the Baptists or the Satanists or anyone in between has to say ;~) ♥.

Well, I guess I'm glad I got all of that said. LOL!

~Happy Holidays~



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Jamie VanBeekum said...

Happy holidays to you, Shawn, whatever they may be! I agree - it's more about what is in your heart this time of year, and should be less about criticizing those around us for what they do or do not do. I hope you have a very wonderful holiday season, my lovely friend! P.S. that picture is GORGEOUS!