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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It cuts both ways....

That's definitely a working title up there, by the way.

I'm at a place in my mind's heart where I'm looking in several directions at the same time.  I've had some stuff going on that could make me move in one direction or the other, or just "stick put" (as I say, for some reason) and see what comes next.

You've probably been there, too.  There's so much happening behind the scenes, while to an outsider peeking in the window, it would seem like all is quiet and ordinary.  But is it?

Some things you don't just up and tell other people because they'd not understand, for whatever reason.  They have no interest in knowing.  They have no concept of what is happening in the lives of another person, be it a stranger or a loved one or a family member.  (Yes, I stated that the way I meant that.) 

You would think that a person would be interested in what's going on in the lives of people around them, but they're either self-involved or so involved in some trivial pursuit that it doesn't even occur to them that their attention would be nice.  I don't think they mean to actually be that way, but there it is.  It's not until something surprising or out of the ordinary catches their attention and they perk up (momentarily) to say, "What's going on?"  Caution:  Don't get too excited, because before you know it, they'll have virtually snoozed off or gotten back to their book or their game or their self-absorption and alas, your moment has passed.

Well, it cuts both ways.  We too, can find ourselves otherwise occupied when the time comes that our attention is required.  Go ahead, put in for some time and we'll see if we can clear our calendar.  If so, we'll show the requisite amount of interest in what is going on with you. 

Hopefully, that is.  ;~)


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