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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bear Hill Babies.....

Ben Kilham, the only bear rehabilitator in New Hampshire, is this winter caring for a record 27 orphaned bear cubs. He usually has on average three to five orphaned cubs hibernating in an enclosure near his home in the woods. Food bills are... usually minimal, because the cubs slept through the winter.

But this year, because so many female bears were shot in chicken coops and bee hives across the state, he has a problem. They are waking each other up, playing in the trees, burning up the calories and running up a huge bill on Kibbles 'n Bits. Despite receiving grants and donations from the public, the bill for keeping the cubs fed until Spring will average at $1,000 per cub.

If you would be like to help Ben pay for food for the bears please send checks to:

Bear Hill Conservancy Trust in care of Ben Kilham
P.O. Box 37
Lyme, NH 03768

~Thank you!  Pass the word along.  Let's do a better job taking care of our friends in the wild.

Shawn & SGTex

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